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Colorado APA Conference, Telluride, CO

September 22nd, 2006

On September 22, at the Colorado APA Conference in Telluride, Scott McCarey, AICP, presented a session on community connectivity.
The session covered the benefits of increasing connectivity, tools to measure connectivity, and real-world hurdles to implementation.

Cities all over the country are realizing the value of a well connected street network. Benefits include increased traffic capacity, better EMS access, shorter travel distances and increased multi-modal balance. The first step to mandating minimum street connectivity standards, is to insure adequate tools for quantification. The emerging tools help municipalities differentiate between connected and disconnected developments. While there are numerous hurdles to implementing better connectivity, many cities have shown that developing minimum standards is making a difference. The presentation is available below in PowerPoint (animation) and PDF (no animation).
smccarey_connectivity_092506.pdf 3.79 MB
smccarey_connectivity_092506.ppt 6.67 MB
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