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National Main Streets Conference in Seattle, WA

On March 27, Jim Charlier spoke at the National Main Streets Conference in Seattle, Washington. The conference session topic was: ďInnovative Public-Private StrategiesĒ and Jimís presentation covered ways public and private entities can work together to improve mobility, circulation and access in downtowns.
The other speaker on Jimís panel was Eric Hovee, of E. D. Hovee & Company, a Vancouver-based economics consulting firm (Portland region). Eric described economic interrelationships between the Portland Streetcar project and the redevelopment of Portlandís Pearl District.

Rosemary Siipola, Transportation Program Manager with Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments here in Southwest Washington moderated the session. The session was organized by Paula Reeves, Community Planning Manager at Washington State Department of Transportation in Olympia, Washington.

The National Main Streets Conference is the only commercial district revitalization educational and networking event that blends economic development, community revitalization, and historic preservation. Originally called National Town Meeting, this conference was developed to support the ever-growing Main Street Network of Main Street board members, volunteers, and executive directors and today supports planners, architects, public officials, BID/MID staff, and others working in the revitalization field.

The conference theme this year was: "Building a Sustainable Future." The 2007 conference focused on the sustainability of both the revitalization organization and the community it serves. Educational sessions and tours will address the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainable communities.

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National Main Streets Conference
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