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Context Sensitive Design for WTS

On February 1, 2008, the Colorado Chapter of Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS) held a breakfast seminar entitled Creating Walkable Urban Thoroughfares with Context Sensitive Design at the Oxford Hotel in Denver. The seminar was designed to address tools that cities can apply to urban thoroughfares that they would like to “fix.”

Are these streets an untapped opportunity for neighborhood revitalization or simply a lost cause? How can transportation professionals impact the function and form of streets to efficiently move person and goods while at the same time protecting or in many cases creating a sense of place along the way?

Guest speakers answering these questions were Dan Burden of Glatting Jackson, Brian Bochner of the Texas Transportation Institute, and Jim Charlier of Charlier Associates.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for PDFs of the presentations)

Following the presentations, the seminar’s Q&A focused on related topics of road diets, economic development indicators and complete streets policies. Links to studies and publications referenced by the speakers are provided below:

Burden_-_Context_Sensitive_Solutions.pdf 33.09 MB
Bochner_-_WTS_Denver_020108.pdf 2.30 MB
Charlier_-_Great_Streets.pdf 33.45 MB
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