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NPSG 2011 - Charlotte, NC

The New Partners for Smart Growth annual conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, February 2 through 5, 2011.   Attendance was robust at 1,400 and included planners, engineers, architects, landscape architects, health professionals, local elected officials and citizens from across the U.S. (and other nations).  Jim Charlier presented twice at the conference.  On Thursday morning he convened and moderated a panel on smart growth and traffic safety (“On a Collision Course”) and he was a speaker in the Saturday morning plenary on smart growth and the economy.

Session description: “On a Collision Course”

Is smart growth safe? In 2009, 33,308 people died in traffic accidents in the US, the lowest number since 1950. Does this mean our roads and streets are safer? Many transportation departments think so, but research suggests other forces are at work. Meanwhile, core principles of smart growth are being challenged. Are connected street networks less safe than poorly-connected streets and cul-de-sacs? Is on-street parking inherently dangerous? Are wide lanes safer than narrow lanes? Do add-lanes projects reduce crash rates and accident severity and do new turn lanes improve intersection safety? These speakers are at the forefront of addressing the street design and traffic safety issues associated with smart growth principles. They will describe emerging best practices for balancing traffic safety with urban design and sustainable mobility. This issue is of paramount importance to urban planners, public health workers, architects and others concerned with improving the livability of our communities.

Panelists were Norm Garrick, University of Connecticut; Eric Dumbaugh, Texas A & M University; and Jim Charlier, Charlier Associates, Inc. Copies of the presentations may be downloaded here:

Garrick_Slides.pdf 7.44 MB
Norm Garrick – “Traffic Safety and the Smart Growth Street Network”
Dumbaugh_Slides.pdf 9.64 MB
Eric Dumbaugh – “Smart Growth and Traffic Safety”
Charlier_Collision_Course_Slides.pdf 4.98 MB
Jim Charlier – “On a Collision Course?”

Session description: “Moving Our Country to a Green(er) Economy”

From the city to the state to the national level, smart growth approaches to development must play a significant role in our efforts to move to a green economy. In this session, transportation expert Jim Charlier will share information about the future price and volatility of oil supplies and the impact that this will have on jobs and the economy. Judy Corbett will share newly released information demonstrating why smart growth is critical to job growth and economically healthy regions. Geoff Anderson will address the job creation potential of developing alternatives to our current auto dependence and will update us on the Congressional reauthorization of transportation funds. Finally, Mayor Bill Bell of Durham, NC, will describe how his city’s residential energy conservation program is helping residents reduce their household energy expenditures while providing green jobs for those in need of work in his community.


Virginia Madueno, Mayor, City of Riverbank, CA

Jim Charlier, President, Charlier Associates, Inc.

Judy Corbett, Executive Director, Local Government Commission

Geoffrey Anderson, President & CEO, Smart Growth America

Mayor William V. Bell, City of Durham, NC

A copy of Jim’s presentation slides (“The Petroleum Problem”) can be downloaded here:

The_Petroleum_Problem.pdf 4.30 MB

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