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Jackson and Teton County, WY Adopt Transportation Plan

The Jackson/Teton Integrated Transportation Plan was adopted by the joint Town Council and County Commission by a vote of 9-0 on September 14, 2015. The Integrated Transportation Plan, prepared by Charlier Associates, is unique in its approach to integrating several complex, yet overlapping systems, including land use, multiple travel modes, and numerous jurisdictions (Town, County, State DOT, Federal Lands).

The action-oriented Plan utilized a metrics-based approach (including a vehicle /person miles traveled model and benchmarking system) to define and organize competing priorities within the framework of the County’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan. This approach, along with an innovative charter process to guide project development of major capital projects, was important in getting the Plan unanimously adopted despite longstanding debate over several controversial projects, as it simplifies large-scale decision making and provides a transparent framework to monitor performance overtime.

The ITP includes significant transit, active transportation, and TDM components as well as a detailed action plan that addresses funding and organizational strategies geared toward implementation. The ITP also includes an online dashboard that provides a simple, transparent means to monitor performance overtime of achieving the community’s objectives.

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