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Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transit Authority (NAIPTA) Transit Planning

Charlier Associates, Inc. has completed numerous projects for the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA), Flagstaff’s regional transit agency.

In 2005, CAI completed an organizational evaluation and assessment of the feasibility of implementing a regional transportation authority in Northern Arizona to replace the County-owned, City-funded local transit agency. CAI developed recommendations for resolution of administrative and operational efficiency, finance, governance and service boundary issues. Based on CAI’s assessment and recommendations, NAIPTA was successfully created in late 2005 based on a framework CAI developed in helping creating Colorado’s Roaring Fork Transportation Authority. Since that time, we have helped strategically guide and evolve NAIPTA into an indispensable part of the region’s transportation system. A milestone project was assisting NAIPTA to prepare a detailed transit service, routing, and operations implementation plan that was successfully funded by voters in May 2008. This effort grew in part from our work to synthesize the region’s transit planning efforts and to help NAIPTA site its now-open downtown transfer center. Since that time, we have helped NAIPTA to implement and refine the plan given reduced sales tax revenues. Other recent projects have included a merger feasibility assessment with the Flagstaff MPO, transit service planning for rural areas outside of Flagstaff, and route-specific planning assessments. Most recently, NAIPTA initiated its Mountain Link BRT service, the cornerstone of its 2008 voter-funded transit plan.
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