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Making Connections: The 2014 Phoenix Comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan

The City of Phoenix worked with the consulting firms of Lee Engineering, Toole Design Group, and Charlier Associates to develop a citywide Bicycle Master Plan that documents existing bicycling infrastructure and propose a set of projects to expand the system, create connectivity across the city and with neighboring communities. The final document was completed in August 2014.

To provide organization and develop a planning framework for this comprehensive technical effort, Charlier Associates facilitated worksessions with the project Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to develop a vision and goal structure for the plan. Connectivity emerged as the overarching theme, with seven goals to support and implement the plan’s vision. Each goal is addressed as a separate chapter of the final document, including necessary technical background data, recommendations, and action plans for implementation.

“In 20 years, Phoenix will be a Platinum level Bicycle Friendly Community. It will be safe and easy to bike anywhere in the city. A well-connected infrastructure network will link people and places, making bicycling a preferred option for daily transportation, recreation, and healthy lifestyles.”

Making Connections –

• People & Places

• Arterials & Collectors

• On‐ & Off‐Street Routes

• City & Region

• Bikes & Transit

• Policies & Perceptions

• Opportunities & Investments

Staff of Charlier Associates also conducted key person interviews with various City departments and regional agencies to identify existing policies and critical issues that were addressed by the plan; researched model bike plans from 14 peer cities; analyzed annual Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program survey results for bicycle commuting; developed a series of maps showing areas of latent bicycling demand; and coordinated planning efforts with the concurrent ReinventPHX project that Charlier Associates also assisted with, and that addresses retrofit and reinvestment, including bicycling enhancements, within five TOD districts along the Valley Metro Light Rail line.


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