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Charlier Associates assists communities across the country with developing, preparing, and submitting various types of grant applications, especially for merit-based federal discretionary grant programs.

As a consultant to Smart Growth America (SGA), CAI assisted the Native American Tribe of Smith River Rancheria in northwestern California with successfully obtaining a USDOT TIGER III discretionary grant award, one of only 46 successful TIGER grant awards out of 848 applications received. The Tribe’s $2.5 million award will fund much-needed context-sensitive multimodal safety improvements along US 101 within the Tribe’s “gateway” areas. The Tribe subsequently hired CAI directly to prepare a TCSP (Transportation, Community, and System Preservation) grant application for regional transportation and land use planning along the entire length of US 101 within Tribal lands in California and Oregon.

CAI also assisted four other communities in Montana and Maine with preparing and submitting TIGER III grant applications as a consultant to SGA. For all five TIGER grant applications, CAI collaborated with each community on all aspects of the TIGER grant application process, from project development to grant submission. In particular, we helped each community to strategically define and position their project, as well as led technical/policy analyses and grant preparation/submission tasks. The projects included intermodal waterfront investments in two coastal Maine communities and downtown complete street projects in two Montana towns.

TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) is a competitive, merit-based, discretionary grant program to fund multimodal projects that increase sustainability and accelerate economic recovery. Started as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, it is now one of the signature efforts of the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities between USDOT, HUD, and EPA.

CAI also prepared a TIGER III grant application for a TOD-ready Bus Rapid Transit Terminal in El Paso, Texas. Additionally, CAI reviewed and provided strategic project, framing, technical, and policy advice for six other merit-based federal grant applications that City staff prepared and submitted to FTA. The City was awarded funding for several of the grants, most notably receiving $5 million from FTA’s State of Good Repair grant program to purchase new buses.

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