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Redmond Transportation Master Plan Update

Charlier Associates (CAI) has been selected by the City of Redmond, Washington to update its multimodal transportation master plan (TMP).  The TMP serves as the basis for the transportation element of the City’s comprehensive plan, which will be updated as part of this process.  CAI prepared the current TMP for Redmond, adopted in 2005.  The TMP has been recognized as an example of best practices in transportation planning by the American Planning Association in its Planning Advisory Service Report Number 559 – “Complete Streets: Best Policy and Implementation Practices.”

Redmond has a long history as a regional city on the east side of the Puget Sound Region and is known as the “bicycle capital of the Northwest.”  With a highly-educated population of about 60,000, Redmond is the home of Microsoft and Nintendo and is a nationally-significant center of high-tech employment.

Redmond’s planning process is guided in part by the State of Washington’s Growth Management Act, which requires that future supply and demand of transportation facilities and services be balanced with the City’s population and job growth.  Two of the Region’s designated urban growth centers are located in Redmond – Overlake (with Microsoft and other tech industry employers) and Downtown Redmond.  Redmond currently receives a high level of bus service with robust local and regional transit ridership.  In coming years, the two urban centers will be connected to other urban centers in the region by a light rail corridor through Bellevue to Downtown Seattle.   Consequently, an important consideration in updating this TMP will be planning for “transit oriented development” throughout the City and specifically in Overlake and Downtown.

The TMP update process will involve extensive public involvement and close coordination among the City’s departments and various partner organizations, including King County Metro, Sound Transit, Washington DOT and the nearby sister cities.  Assisting CAI on the consulting team will be:

Sustainability will be a major focus of the TMP, with examination of issues and opportunities related to climate change, energy use, public health and local economic vitality.  Redmond has recently completed survey research into local travel demand and daily travel patterns associated with both residents and commuters.  Data from this survey and from the transportation planning process will form the basis for an update of the City’s performance monitoring system – Redmond’s annual Mobility Report Card.


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