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Terri Musser, AICP

Ms. Musser is a transportation planner with over 20 years experience in local and regional projects in several states. She previously operated her own firm (Bicycles &, Inc.) for nine years and served on the board of directors for bicycle advocacy organizations in Chicago and North Carolina. She co-authored two of the 24 case studies comprising the National Bicycle and Walking Study and developed the Bicycle Facility Planning PAS Report for the American Planning Association. Ms. Musser is vice-chair of the Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the City of Longmont, serves on various City advisory committees, and is active in BikeLongmont. She obtained a Bachelor of Science: Landscape Design, Advertising, and Journalism from the University of Nebraska in 1987 and has been a certified planner (AICP) since 1993. When not working she enjoys gardening, bicycling and spending time with her husband and two daughters. She “practices what she preaches” and lives in Prospect New Town, a New Urbanist neighborhood, with narrow streets, wide sidewalks, mixed land uses and abundant social activities.  E-mail: terri @

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Professional Summary

Terri's Picture of the Week . . . . . .

Pedestrian “safety improvements” don’t always address the real problem, as in this installation of highly-visible crosswalks on the island of Maui.

Terri's Projects (with Bicycles &) are listed below:

City of Bloomington, IN - Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan
City_of_Bloomington_Bicycle_and_Pedestrian_Transportation_Plan.pdf 115.08 KB

City of Kalamazoo, WI - Nonmotorized Transportation Plan
kalamazoo_non-motorized_transportation_plan.pdf 139.57 KB

Kalamazoo River Valley, WI - Trailway Master Plan
Kalamazoo_River_Valley_Trailway_Master_Plan.pdf 119.78 KB

Kane County, IL - Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Kane_County_Bicycle_and_Pedestrian_Plan.pdf 105.74 KB

Kansas City, MO - Marc Bikeway Transportation Plan
Kansas_City_Marc_Bikeway_Transportation_plan.pdf 115.48 KB

Kansas State University -Bicycle Master Plan
Kansas_State_University_Bicycle_Master_Plan.pdf 100.55 KB

Marathon County, WI - Nonurbanized Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Marathon_County_Nonurbanized_Area_Bicycle_and_Pedestrian_Plan.pdf 146.52 KB

Michigan State University - Red Cedar Greenway
Michigan_State_University_Red_Cedar_Greenway_Master_Plan.pdf 148.04 KB

Durham, North Carolina - Rails to Trails American Tobacco Trail
North_Carolina_Rails_to_Trails_American_Tobacco_Trail_Master_Plan.pdf 104.26 KB

City of Plainfield, Il - Planifield Area Bicycle Plan
Plainfield_Area_Bicycle_Plan.pdf 119.69 KB

St. Louis County, MO - Bicycle Transportaion Program
St._Louis_County_Bicycle_Transportation_Program.pdf 117.07 KB

Town of Cary, IL - Swift Creek Recycle Greenway
Town_of_Cary_Swift_Creek_Recycled_Greenway.pdf 128.80 KB

State of Wisconsin - Bicycle Map Update
Update_of_the_Wisconsin_Bicycle_Map.pdf 237.89 KB

Wisconsin DOT - Verona Road EIS
Wisconsin_DOT_Verona_Road_and_West_Beltline_EIS.pdf 103.13 KB

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