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James F. Charlier (President), AICP

Mr. Charlier is a nationally recognized transportation planning professional with over three decades of experience in local, regional and statewide settings across the country. He has provided transportation planning services to clients throughout the United States and is a frequent speaker, lecturer and facilitator on urban transportation planning challenges and opportunities. Mr. Charlier is a certified planner (AICP) and is active in the Congress for New Urbanism, the Urban Land Institute, the American Planning Association and the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  E-mail: jfc @ |

Terri Musser, AICP

Ms. Musser is a transportation planner with over 20 years experience in local and regional projects in several states. She previously operated her own firm (Bicycles &, Inc.) for nine years and served on the board of directors for bicycle advocacy organizations in Chicago and North Carolina. She co-authored two of the 24 case studies comprising the National Bicycle and Walking Study and developed the Bicycle Facility Planning PAS Report for the American Planning Association. Ms. Musser is vice-chair of the Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the City of Longmont, serves on various City advisory committees, and is active in BikeLongmont. She obtained a Bachelor of Science: Landscape Design, Advertising, and Journalism from the University of Nebraska in 1987 and has been a certified planner (AICP) since 1993. When not working she enjoys gardening, bicycling and spending time with her husband and two daughters. She “practices what she preaches” and lives in Prospect New Town, a New Urbanist neighborhood, with narrow streets, wide sidewalks, mixed land uses and abundant social activities.  E-mail: terri @

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Vickie Jacobsen, Associate

Ms. Jacobsen is a transportation planner with experience in transit planning, land use and urban design, particularly as they relate to sustainable urban growth. Ms. Jacobsen holds a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado and has done extensive research on transit use in the United States and Germany. Ms. Jacobsen has worked on projects for a range of clients, including National Parks, inter-governmental agencies, non-profit organizations. She also takes pleasure in working with the public on improving safety, access, and quality of life through good design. She is the co-author of the Smart Growth Scorecard, an incentive-based planning tool, which was featured by the National Homebuilders Association as a model for developers seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their projects. When Ms. Jacobsen is not working, she enjoys traveling with her family, on all modes of transportation.  E-mail: vickie @ | more…

Patrick Picard, AICP

Patrick brings a diversity of experiences in the transportation planning sector to CAI including bicycle planning projects, multimodal corridor level analysis, and rail and bus transit operations planning. Patrick's main interest is in improving multimodal transportation options for communities. Since receiving his masters in urban and regional planning at CU Denver and joining CAI in 2011 Patrick has led the technical component of several multimodal transportation and TOD plans, he led a parking study in Phoenix, conducted a transit feasibility in Boulder County and has managed several travel patterns studies. Patrick also received second place in the 2011 APA transportation planning division national student paper competition for his GIS analysis of how RTD's planned FasTracks rail system will serve Metro Denver. When not working, Patrick enjoys hiking in Colorado's beautiful mountains, bicycling around town, cooking, exploring new places, spending time with family and playing softball with friends. E-mail:

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Kelly Walker

Ms. Walker is the accountant for Charlier Associates, Inc. She came to the team from the Colorado Chautauqua Association in Boulder and has been instrumental in updating our accounting systems, purchasing the new building, and expanding systems to accommodate our new projects and staff. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and weener dogs. While outdoors Kellys loves to garden, ski and go camping as well.  E-mail: kelly @

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