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Transportation Summit of the Congress for New Urbanism

November 29, 2005

Jim Charlier and Terri Musser presented an overview of “Pedestrian Science” at the annual Transportation Summit of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) in Kansas City on November 18. The Summit, attended by over 100 planners, architects and engineers from around the country, was primarily focused on reviewing the new document – “Design Guidelines for Major Urban Thoroughfares” – developed jointly by CNU and ITE.

As CNU wraps up its work on the new street design guidance, the transportation committee is considering whether to undertake a similar effort for pedestrian facilities. Jim and Terri provided an overview of the planning, policy and design issues and opportunities associated with developing attractive, functional walking environments in our cities and towns. A copy of the presentation, in PDF format, is available by clicking on the link below. (Note: this is a large, 20mg file.)

To view or download a copy of Jim’s presentation, click on:

(Caution – large file – 20mb)
CharlierPedScience.pdf 19.38 MB

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