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Rail-Volution '06

November 8th, 2006

On November 8, Jim Charlier gave a presentation at the annual Rail-Volution (“Building Livable Cities with Transit) Conference, held this year in Chicago.
Downtown Chicago

The panel was organized by Paul Zycofsky who works at the Local Government Commission (LGC) in Sacramento. The session topic was: “Improving the Pedestrian Environment in Auto-Oriented and Low-Income Areas.” Paul provided an overview presentation of pedestrian issues and opportunities in low income areas, and described a couple of LGC’s successful projects dealing with these issues in California. Jim followed up with a discussion of “Evaluation Tools” for distinguishing pedestrian-oriented places from auto-dominated environments.

A copy of Jim’s presentation is provided below. We suggest clicking on “save” rather than “open” due to the size of the file.

CharlierPPTChicagoRVv2.pdf 48.80 MB

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