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7th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

The New Partners Conference was in the nation’s capitol this year, with over 1,300 people in attendance.  A major theme emerging this year was the relationship between growth and development patterns and the key drivers of climate change.  Jim Charlier presented at one panel session and one training session and was one of two speakers at the closing plenary on Saturday.

Copies of the presentations from these three sessions are provided below in PDF format.  The sessions were as follows:

Thursday AM – “Identifying the Model Smart Growth Code”
Through its ongoing work helping communities remove barriers to smart growth, it became clear to the EPA’s Smart Growth Program that a need exists for a consensus “smart growth model code” — a resource for use by local governments interested in updating their land development codes and regulations.  Creating a prototype model code may be one way to provide clear, concise and uniform information to communities so that local decision makers understand what elements and approaches might comprise a smart growth code.  This session described work so far on a model smart growth code and the process by which the EPA Smart Growth Program is facilitating a discussion among planners and zoning code experts representing a variety of interests and philosophies.

Speakers at this session included:

Saturday AM – “The Opposite of Traffic”

Again and again, public dialogue about community vision is derailed by an almost-obsessive focus on traffic delay. The result may be downsizing of project proposals, or upsizing of local streets and roads. Both can prevent implementation of smart growth solutions. This session featured experts who approach the issue with creative approaches to both analysis and communication. Following opening presentations, participants were invited to describe the related challenges they face, and to work with workshop leaders and colleagues in outlining strategies for “going beyond traffic” in public decision-making.

Speakers at this session included:

Saturday PM – Closing Plenary – “Getting to “Green TEA”: Strategies for a Smarter Approach to Reauthorization”

The future of transportation is the need to enhance the opportunities for multi-modal options for movement. With New Starts, Road Diets, Safe Routes to School, and Hiker-Biker Trails each taking a priority place in the development of smart growth oriented transportation options, communities have more tools available to address their transportation needs. Yet even with the progress made since the last reauthorization, a critical need exists to enhance policies and legislation to enable the most effective array of options available for movement. Two national experts described the strategies for ensuring that the tools, funding and incentives are included in the next funding bill.

Speakers at this session included:


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