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Spring CILT Class

Terri Musser returned to the Colorado Institute of Leadership Training to present to the Spring class on February 9th in Castle Rock.  A diverse group of 40 leaders from across the state heard new ideas in transportation trends relating to the concept of Sustainable Mobility.

Key themes included:

  1. It will be difficult or impossible to build major amounts of new roadway capacity.
  2. Transportation policy, energy policy and climate change policy are inseparable.
  3. Higher energy prices are changing the structure of state and local economies.
  4. Our future mobility, economic vitality and quality of life depend on how we address these issues.

Following the presentation, which is available in pdf format below, a lot of discussion centered on transit oriented developments (TOD) and traditional neighborhood developments (TND) underway in Colorado. 

As follow-up, please follow this link and zoom into the Denver area to locate and view the status of various projects.  This tool is provided compliments of in preparation for a three-day, immersive SmartCode Workshop to be led by Andres Duany in Denver on May 29-31, 2008.  Full details and registration materials are available at

CILT_08_26_07.pdf 11.36 MB
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