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On April 21, Jim Charlier spoke at the 94th Arizona Town Hall in Tucson, Arizona. Arizona Town Hall was founded in 1962, and brings together leaders and policy makers from across the state in a intensive, structured discussion of an important issue, with each Town Hall resulting in a Recommendations Report. This Town Hall addressed: “From Here to There: Transportation Opportunities for Arizona” and Jim’s speech was entitled “Providing for Arizona’s Future Mobility: 3 Challenges, 3 Opportunities.”

Arizona Town Hall is a private, nonprofit civic organization created in 1962 to establish, through research and discussion, an ever-increasing body of Arizona citizens accustomed to the processes of searching analysis and well-informed on the many facets of the state's economic, cultural and social life.

The Town Hall is governed by a 62 member board of directors, representing a composite of leadership from Arizona's 15 counties and from approximately 20 diverse occupations and interests. Board members are elected to two-year staggered terms. There are currently over 1,500 Town Hall members throughout the state.

Twice each year, the Arizona Town Hall brings together a wide cross-section of approximately 150 prominent Arizona citizens to consider and discuss a topic of major concern to Arizona's future. Since the very specific Town Hall process cannot encompass all of Arizona's more than 6 million citizens at one time, individuals are nominated for invitation to each session by Board members.

A copy of Jim’s presentation (in PDF format) and a news story about the event (in streaming video) can be downloaded below:
Charlier_Az_Town_Hall_Web_Version.pdf 11.19 MB
2009_4_transportation-town-hall.mp4 13.55 MB


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