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DRCOG Planner Idea Exchange

On March 17, Jacob Riger jointly presented with Commerce City staff at the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ monthly Planner Idea Exchange.  Jacob and Chris Cramer, Commerce City Planning Manager, discussed transportation network connectivity from theory to real-world application.  Jacob focused on how to define multimodal connectivity, the implications of poor connectivity, and the transportation mobility and community livability benefits of good connectivity.  Chris discussed positive and constructive lessons learned in trying to implement connectivity in Commerce City, a community with numerous and unique natural and physical connectivity challenges and barriers.  Chris also discussed how the City is advancing connectivity through its recently adopted Comprehensive Plan and ongoing Transportation Plan.  (As a Commerce City resident, Jacob served on the Plan’s Citizen Advisory Committee.)  Jacob and Chris then led participants through the steps of measuring connectivity for a Traditional Neighborhood Development in Commerce City according to the emerging best practice requirements of LEED-ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development).


DRCOG’s Planner Idea Exchange is a forum for its member local governments to share information, ideas, and best practices about emerging and innovative planning concepts that support its Metro Vision goals.



Information about the Planner Idea Exchange session, including Jacob’s and Chris’ presentations, and connectivity resources that Jacob provided, is available here:


Commerce City’s new Comprehensive Plan, C3 Vision:

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