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CTAI Annual Meeting

The Community Transportation Association of Idaho (CTAI) held its 2010 annual meeting in Boise on September 13 through 15.  CTAI is a young, growing organization of transit providers, public sector planners and administrators and private sector firms serving the transportation industry.  This was the organization’s first statewide annual meeting in its current organizational structure and drew attendance from across the State, from federal agencies and from around the country.

Jim Charlier presented two workshops (one of them twice) and served as the breakfast speaker on Wednesday.  Copies of his presentation files are provided here for download.

“Mobility’s Role in Livable Communities” (workshop)
“A Case for Improved Mobility:  Health Impact Assessments” (workshop)
“Not Your Father’s Transportation System” (keynote)

Final_Charlier_Mobility_Role.pdf 6.93 MB
Final_Charlier_HIA.pdf 3.44 MB
Final_Charlier_Not_Your_Fathers.pdf 6.63 MB

Information about CTAI can be found on their website at:

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