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Grand Teton National Park Multi-Use Path (August 2012)

Grand Teton National Park in 2005 before the multiuse pathway was constructed

The final leg of a 20-mile pathway connecting the Town of Jackson to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park was completed in June. The pathway is an integral recommendation of the GTNP Transportation Plan Environmental Impact Statement, which was approved in 2006. Charlier Associates, Inc. provided transportation planning, alternatives development and environmental consequence expertise during the 5 years of research, collaboration, development and analysis that went into writing the comprehensive EIS.

The off-road multi-use paved path is an exciting step forward for the park. It provides an additional fun and healthy transportation option for park visitors and a safe route for long-distance cyclists in the region. The pathway is already showing signs of great success with over 4,000 tourist and resident trips recorded in just the first month.

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The New 20-mile multiuse pathway between Jackson and Jenny Lake in GTNP
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