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Active Transportation Indicators (July 2012)

Active Transportation Indicators Workshop in Englewood Colorado on March 15, 2012, hosted by Kaiser Permanente and led by Charlier Associates, Inc.
Charlier Associates, in collaboration with Dr. Ann Forsyth (of Harvard University) and Dr. Kevin Krizek (of the University of Colorado), recently completed a research project sponsored by Kaiser Permanente to identify model examples of how to measure active transport, in particular those currently being used in Colorado. The primary research component of this project was an Active Transportation Indicators Workshop that was held in Englewood, CO on March 15, 2012 and was managed by CAI.

Over 30 participants from numerous communities, several regional MPO’s, CDOT, several public health organizations, bicycle advocacy groups, and other Colorado-based research organizations from the Front Range of Colorado participated in the one day workshop. The workshop brought together this diverse group of organizations to establish a set of consensus indicators for measuring various aspects of Active Transportation in Colorado that would meet the needs of transportation planners, public health officials, and other research groups.

The project culminated in a webinar that was presented on April 19th and a final report titled The Colorado Mile Markers: Recommendations for Measuring Active Transportation  that was released in May, 2012. The webinar and report outline a list of 8 suitable Active Transportation indicators (“mile markers”) and a menu of instruments or tools for gathering data for those indicators. By identifying these indicators, the project lays the foundation for developing a data resource on active transportation that communities and health organizations can contribute to and use to measure, compare and understand the bicycle and pedestrian environment and activity levels within local communities and across Colorado.

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