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Brighton, CO Adopts Transportation Plan

The new Brighton Transportation Master Plan was adopted unanimously by City Council on March 1, 2016. Brighton is a rapidly growing, freestanding community within the Denver Region. The Transportation Plan, prepared by Charlier Associates, uses an innovative growth management strategy and a flexible approach to set the community on a path toward increasing multimodal transportation options, local and regional network connectivity, mobility and safety, while providing a sustainable foundation for future land development and increased economic activity.

The TMP was guided by community voiced aspirations, advised by a regional technical advisory community and developed through a collaborative effort among multiple city agencies. At its core the Plan is multimodal, providing strategies through detailed maps and cross-sections for:
• Developing a robust bicycle network (connecting both on-street and off-street facilities);
• Planning a future local transit system;
• Connecting Brighton into the Denver regional rail and BRT transit network; and
• Building out the future arterial and collector street network.

A unique aspect of the TMP is the strong metric-based approach to implementation. As part of the TMP, Charlier Associates developed the City’s first comprehensive integrated capital project list, which includes cost estimates, prioritization and other details for all capital transportation projects through 2040. The TMP also includes a multimodal concurrency management system, with benchmarks for each mode to prioritize and pace implementation of the capital projects with future development. CAI also developed a performance monitoring system that includes a dashboard to measure progress toward reaching the Plan’s six core goals.

Final Plan
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