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James F. Charlier (President), AICP

Mr. Charlier is a nationally recognized transportation planning professional with over three decades of experience in local, regional and statewide settings across the country. He has provided transportation planning services to clients throughout the United States and is a frequent speaker, lecturer and facilitator on urban transportation planning challenges and opportunities. Mr. Charlier is a certified planner (AICP) and is active in the Congress for New Urbanism, the Urban Land Institute, the American Planning Association and the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  E-mail: jfc @
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Jim's Picture of the Week.......Pedestrian, bicycle, transit and auto modes interconnect seamlessly at Iselin Park just west of Aspen, Colorado.
Charlier Associates helped the City of Aspen plan for multimodal accommodation in the Maroon Creek Road corridor as part of planning for and design of Iselin Park, a major regional recreation facility completed by the City in 2004. Iselin Park is across the road from the Aspen consolidated public school campus, at the base of Aspen Highlands Ski Resort and just across Maroon Creek from Buttermilk Ski Resort. Iselin Park is directly connected to all of these other nearby facilities – summer and winter – by trails and bridges. In the winter, some of the major trails are groomed and maintained for cross country ski travel, linking up with a major cross country ski center a mile east of the Park. The youth of Aspen can move around safely and directly on foot, ski, bike or skates between the school, the Park, the two ski areas, and a variety of ball fields and activities. The pedestrian overpass between the school campus and Iselin Park uses local topography to blend into the landscape and match grade on the school side of the road. This enables kids to use transit for access to and from the schools and the Park without having to cross Maroon Creek Road at grade.

Jim recently contributed to an article about Roaring Fork Valley's transit system

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