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West Maui Commuter Needs Survey - COMPLETED!

November 1st, 2006

Charlier Associates, Inc. has finished the “Commuter Needs Survey” as a first step to improve travel conditions for West Maui workers.

Over 7,000 surveys were distributed and approximately 2,400 surveys were completed and returned, resulting in a 34% response rate. According to National Research Center, the company that collected and processed the data for the survey, the 2,400 surveys provides a +/- 2% margin of error. The surveys revealed origins and destinations of commute trips, time of travel and length of trips, vehicle occupancy rates, and the characteristics of additional trips made during the day and on the way to and from work.

The final report provides specific results of the Commuter Needs Survey and recommends specific enhancements to the Maui County transit network. The report also provides details on a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program that employers could implement to encourage employees to take alternative modes to work.

Photo of Kaanapli Beach. Courtesy of John Fischer

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