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6th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference 2007

The 6th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference was held (February 8 – 10, 2007) in Los Angeles, California. Jim Charlier was part of a panel on “Technical Assistance: How to Help Communities and States Get to Smart Growth."

The panel reported on the progress of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Smart Growth Implementation Assistance” and “Smart Growth Implementation Assistance for Coastal Communities” programs. Charlier Associates is part of a team of smart growth consulting firms providing services to communities through a contract with EPA. CAI’s role on the team is to provide expertise and support in transportation planning.

Participating on the panel were:

This year’s New Partners conference was well attended (over 1,500 – a record) and brought together planners, urban designers, architects, health professionals, community leaders and representatives of federal, state and local governments from around the country. Especially notable this year was the presence of a large contingent of medical professionals and public health officials. This can be attributed to the success of the “active living by design” (ALbD) programs initiated by the Centers for Disease Control and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. ALbD has strengthened into a national movement and the ongoing synthesis between urban planning/design professions and the medical/health profession has built into a major force nationally.

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