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Community and the Politics of Place

"Without nostalgia or utopian hope, he argues for a moral and political ecology of place which can invigorate and inspire entrepreneurial energy."


The Rise of the Creative Class

"The Rise of the Creative Class chronicles the ongoing sea of change in people's choices and attitudes, and shows not only what's happening but also how it stems from a fundamental economic change."


City: Rediscovering the Center

"(Whyte's) observations and recommendations can be read with profit and pleasure by professional planners and readers interested in what makes a city tick."


The Great Good Place

"The Great Good Place argues that 'third places' ... are the heart of a community's social vitality and the grassroots of democracy"


The Tipping Point

"The Tipping Point is one of the most effective books on science for a general audience in ages"


Wanderlust: A History of Walking

"This pleasing and enligntening history of pedestrianism unfolds like a walking conversation with a particularly well-informed companion with wide-ranging interests."


Devil's Bargains: Tourism in the Twentieth-Century American West

"...tourist demands, not the needs of local residents, play the biggest role in determining the community's values and way of life."


The Songlines

"Interspersed with the explanation of songlines are a narrative of a mild adventure, sometimes with novelistic dialogue, and jottings from Chatwin's notebooks..."


Great Streets

"The streets, both ancient and modern, are analyzed and presented as an instructional sourcebook for the architect, urban planner, and civic-minded reader"


The Long Emergency

"The Long Emergency tells us just what to expect after the honeymoon of affordable energy is over, preparing us for economic, political, and social changes of an unimaginable scale."


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