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Glenwood Springs Transit Operations Plan

Innovative and useful transit planning is one of Charlier Associates’ core specialties. CAI has an extensive track record of successful transit service planning and implementation throughout Colorado and other Western and mountain communities, and in unique community settings across the country. This project updated Ride Glenwood Springs’ Transit Operations Plan (TOP).

CAI worked with City staff, stakeholders, and the City’s Transportation Commission to complete a full range of community involvement and technical analysis activities. The new TOP collaboratively, thoroughly, and compellingly addressed difficult policy and funding issues, including under what conditions to start charging a fare, whether and why/when to eliminate or change one of the two fixed routes, how to gear up for regional BRT implementation, and other strategic issues. As part of this effort, CAI helped staff conduct targeted survey efforts of current passengers and primary “customer markets;” we also analyzed route, service, and cost performance issues; and developed budget and service scenarios as an interactive tool to illustrate opportunities and trade-offs. The TOP, completed in late 2010, is already being implemented.

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