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Glenwood Springs Downtown Transportation Planning

Charlier Associates has been providing consulting services to the City of Glenwood Springs for over fifteen years. We conducted a survey and analysis of through traffic completed in 1999, we helped prepare a downtown plan completed in 2000, and we helped develop a plan for the Confluence Area completed in 2003. Over the past several years we have been working for the Downtown Development Authority on a variety of assignments including:

Confluence Area Planning
Working with the Sonoran Institute, Charlier Associates provided transportation planning support for redevelopment of the confluence area of Downtown Glenwood Springs (where the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers come together). This included analysis of the street network and traffic flow, evaluation of the potential of relocation and reconstructing sections of Union Pacific Railroad track, realigning and reconstructing sections of the Rio Grande multi-use trail, transit circulation by RFTA buses, pedestrian circulation and walk environment, and parking. Recommendations of the project, including a new street connection to the 8th Street bridge are being implemented.

Downtown Urban Design
Charlier Associates provided technical evaluation of street network and traffic, pedestrian access, and transit circulation in connection with a range of issues and opportunities in Downtown. These included review and revision of an Access Control Management Plan developed cooperatively by the City and Colorado DOT. CAI provided technical support for the planning and design of the new Grand Avenue bridge over the Colorado River, and various related street connections and intersections.

Pedestrian Bridge Access
Replacement of the Grand Avenue Bridge will impact a number of related facilities, including the pedestrian bridge over the river next to the highway bridge. CAI provided a technical analysis of alternatives for access to the south end of the new pedestrian bridge. This included evaluation of the needs of people with disabilities, access and use by bicycles, and design of the south end touchdown at 7th Street. Our recommendations were adopted by City Council in January, 2014.

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