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Flagstaff MPO Regional Transportation Plan Update

Charlier Associates and its team partners initiated a major update to the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP identifies and prioritizes needed short and long term transportation investments for the Flagstaff region. Since the last RTP major update, the FMPO, City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, NAIPTA, NAU, ADOT and others have completed and initiated several important planning efforts relating to transportation analysis, neighborhood planning, downtown parking, regional land use, statewide smart growth planning, and other initiatives. In addition, the region’s transportation system continues to evolve with major projects addressing public transit, railroad and trail grade separations, and roadway realignments completed or underway.

As the Flagstaff region looks toward its future, there is increasing focus on sustainable mobility, economic competitiveness, affordable housing, and the relationships between neighborhood character and transportation. The RTP Update addresses the transportation implications of these issues through a comprehensive, multimodal approach. Through the City’s Character Districts Study, happening concurrently with the RTP Update, both projects were coordinated to focus on the relationship between community character/urban form, personal mobility, and transportation investments and policy.

The RTP Update included the following specific tasks:

The RTP Update was a collaboration between the FMPO and its stakeholder partners noted above. The project, which kicked off in early October 2007 and was completed in December, 2009. Charlier Associates managed a multi-disciplinary consultant team for the RTP Update consisting of Kevin Gardiner & Associates (urban design), Smart Mobility (multimodal traffic modeling), and Partners for Strategic Action (community involvement and facilitation).

The Flagstaff Regional Transportation Plan is available on the Flagstaff MPO Website.

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