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CAI has designed eight street sections that correspond to the surrounding land uses.
Detailed parcel maps have been created to represent easements and utility corridors.
Various rail alternatives are being considered.

Ho'opili, West Oahu Hawaii


CAI provided the transportation planning for a 1,600 acre greenfield New Urbanist community in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. At full build-out, the project will encompass 10,000-15,000 dwelling units, as well as schools, parks and extensive mixed-use retail.

Street Design
The plans designate over 40 miles of new roads including eight different street sections form Boulevard to alley. The street design of each section corresponds to the surrounding densities and land uses. Street layout reflects transit and bicycle circulation goals, and the block grid has been laid out to create a high level of connectivity both within the site and to surrounding developments.

Transit Oriented Development
One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the applicability of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). In 2005, the City of Honolulu passed a transit tax to design and build a high capacity rail corridor connecting downtown Honolulu to West Oahu. While the rail alignment had not been finalized during the planning process, CAI and the design team directed densities and community centers in anticipation of its arrival.

Community Integration
A special effort was made in this project to connect the new neighborhoods of Ho'opili with the surrounding communities. Meetings were held with surrounding land owners and developers to insure seamless transition to adjacent developments. The final designs call for streets to continue through to surrounding neighborhoods and for other non-motorized connections to be made. Focus groups were also held to gain input of community members in the region.

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